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What is witchcraft?

Defining and uncomplicating the subject. This is our inaugural text and be aware that it is the result of personal experiences and references directly linked to our history. We will bring here complete pages of our Book of Shadows from the Algard Tradition and fragments of studies and traditions.

From an early age I was always attracted by nature, with its beauty and uniqueness and how it could produce and sustain things as tenuous and delicate as the wings of a butterfly carrying pollen through the air to things as aggressive and devastating as volcanic eruptions and yet still be in balance, functioning like parts of a clock that keeps time precisely. This attraction took me time and time to matters related to Witchcraft, sometimes I went through them without giving importance but as I grew up, I started to notice more and more these "signs" calling me and my interest started to grow, this was my calling. I answered the call and in the search for the subject I began to understand that there was not only one religion in the world and that there was a huge range of possibilities, so I got to know the Wiccan Religion, I sought to deepen, understand and realize that Wicca and Witchcraft were related to the nature of a way as intimate, personal and spiritual as the one I naturally felt in my chest. Over time I realized that there was not only Wicca as a magical path, Wicca and Witchcraft were distinct but related things and within both subjects there were other subjects and categories and I decided to look for the one that best suited me and I recommend that it be a exercise everyone, know what makes you good and then delve into it.

But here we go: What is Witchcraft?

Witch is a genderless term, that is, both a woman and a man who practices Witchcraft will be a Witch, but currently the masculine equivalent term "Witch" is adopted, if you want to use this or other terms to define yourself, you are free for that. Witchcraft is not a religion, but a craft, that is, something that we carry out practically with our personal effort and energies. Witchcraft makes us appreciate the cosmos and observe every little detail of nature with other eyes, not only with the eyes of the face, but with the eyes of the soul. Natural forces have been available to our ancestors long before they began to take their first steps under two feet, take shelter in caves, and figure out how to master fire. Nature provides everything that is necessary for everything we need, what we did was learn to observe, control, dominate and mold these elements in different ways in our favor.

And what differs Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism?

The three subjects are closely linked and related, but they are not dependent.

Witchcraft says about what you do, with your effort, practice and knowledge.

Wicca is a Religion with predefined dogmas, laws, rituals and hierarchy.

On the other hand, Paganism is a little more difficult to define, the term comes from "paganus" which defines who lives in the countryside, what comes from the land. It was also adopted as a pejorative term in order to persecute those who did not follow the dominant religion of the time, namely, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. Today the term has taken on another connotation, like the very word "Witch" that has lost its pejorative sense and is proudly assumed.

And it's important to remember, to be Witches we don't necessarily have to be Pagans or Wiccans, to be Pagans we don't have to be Witches or Wiccans and to be Wiccans we don't have to be Witches or Pagans. And we can also be the three things together.

As I said at the beginning of the text, the term "Witch" applies to both male and female practitioners of Witchcraft, this fueled the idea that only women could be witches, an idea that has been widely adopted in literature, folk tales and in the movie theater. This unfortunately also has its origins in the hysteria of the church which, in order to consolidate Christianity as an official religion, demonized pagan festivities and practices that were largely cults of the feminine and fertility, thus establishing the world an idea that the devil worked through women , bringing sin into the world.

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