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Above good and evil

Magic is the ability to manipulate energy and energy is just what it is. Energy is a force neither positive nor negative, neither good nor bad, absolute and yet adaptable.

White Magic, Black Magic, Green Magic, Green Witch, Black Witch, Gray Witch, there are countless terms used to try to separate and distinguish what cannot be separated or distinguished. Nothing is all good or bad and absolute in this way. In trying to understand this point, we have to deconstruct ideas culturally and socially established and taught to us for millennia, the idea of ​​the eternal struggle between good and evil, between rewards and punishments, between heaven and hell. These ideas don't exist in magic or witchcraft, I dare to say that this idea doesn't even exist in nature if not inside our human minds. We have to be above these labels. Is being a good person for fear of punishment really being a good person or a fearful person? Making mistakes doesn't make you a bad person either, it makes you a bad person, and we are all susceptible to mistakes. Doing bad for good reasons or doing good for bad reasons or even doing bad thinking you are doing good and the opposite. It is quite complex to admit the non-existence of an idea so traditionally taught since we were born.

In Witchcraft we use our moral and ethical sense. What is good for me? What is evil for me? These are ideas to be thought about and reflected internally to build your moral compass. This compass will determine these concepts for you only, it does not apply to the practices of other witches. What is the good or the bad for that person? We don't know, we have different experiences, stories and experiences and we base our compasses on this path. It is not up to us to judge another witch's practice, but to watch over and evolve our own. Within certain traditions we can find some laws and dogmas that help this moral compass building ideas of what is allowed or not for the initiate. This helps a little with this complicated issue, but even so we still have some impasses to face at times. Doing a spell to do well in a test will benefit you over your competitors, would that be fair to them? Would it be a bad thing for the one who may have lost a position for you who used a spell to have more chances to conquer it? This spell was neither bad nor good, it was a spell to help you with something you needed, as every spell should be. The means or the result were not absolute good or bad, it was just the energies working and how we understand it from the outside and classify it with our concepts, it changes according to the point of view, that is, it is not truly fixed. The same for a protection spell, if you cast a protection spell against an enemy, it will be great for you, it will be safe and protected, whereas for those who try to hurt you or attack you in any way, they may encounter problems, it will be a bad situation for this. The same spell, having two possible and changeable polarities.

Light and Shadows are just ways of perceiving the world around us, the way we decide to understand this is purely personal. It is common to see the term Black Magic, Black Witch, Black Mage and other examples as something negative, wrong, reprehensible. The term already existed and was related to the shadows, the dark, what the ancient society considered sinful, the devil's abode and such things typical of the thought of the Middle Ages. The term became popular with the time of slavery, where slaves practiced their magic, rituals and sacred customs of their African lands, in the view of the Portuguese, everything they practiced should be related to evil, as they did not worship the same god. that they, and so the term Black Magic is adopted to refer to the magic of slaves and popularly and pejoratively understood as evil. The same with High or Low Magic, being erroneously listed as good or bad. Within the occult environment we have some generally acceptable classifications, which help to understand a little about the ways of using energies according to their intensity or direction. In this classification we have:

  • Black Magic: an act done to someone other than ourselves.

  • White Magic: an act done to ourselves for personal purposes.

  • Gray Magic: an act that can affect a group and ourselves as one.

  • Purple Magic: an act that involves spiritual means to achieve them.

  • Indigo Magic: an act that involves a high degree of intention and psyche to perform.

  • Green Magic: an act that directly involves nature and its elements.

  • Yellow Magic: an act that involves the mind and oracles or calculations.

  • Orange Magic: an act that involves vital energy, involving or not sex.

  • Red Magic: an act that involves devotion and worship, involving or not blood.

And many other groups and subgroups for the subject and with practice, you will find that you will never be able to work one of the forms of energy alone, they will always be interrelated to some degree.

  • High Magic: ceremonial, devotional magic where rituals are pre-established and consecrated in an exact manner.

  • Low Magic: practical magic and all the art of sorcery.

Remembering that the classification of colors does not aim to show different energies and that the magic is of this or that color visibly, it was just a way of classifying the different uses, we can enumerate, give letters, or different elements to this classification and call it magic A or spell B that would give the same result. The classification aims at the ease of communication of the subjects. And it is worth noting that energy is energy, the way it behaves will depend on how we decide to work with it. Everything is energy.

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